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Federico Iguzzini, the luxury niche watchmaker which bills itself because the oldest heritage brand in China, generates ultra-limited
series of 10-50 pieces every.

Iguzzini Watches features a lengthy and poignant background. Established in 1903 by Federico Iguzzini, a young intrepid explorer who
sailed from his homeland in Italy towards the exotic ports from the Orient, the brand and its dreams died with its founder shortly

Stephane and Lander Michel

Fastforward to 2015, when brothers Stephane and Lander Michel had been initial produced conscious of Federico Iguzzini and his venture a
century prior to. His unfinished story fascinated them, and within the fall of 2014, more than a century following Federico reached
Shanghai, the debut collection of Iguzzini Watches was released.

Lunar Explorer

These days, the Hong Kong-based Iguzzini Watches specializes in restricted edition collections boasting revolutionary styles and ideas.
All elements and movements are leading grade high quality and produced in Switzerland, prior to becoming customized, assembled and
comprehensive in their workshops.

Whilst the reclusive brand isn't accessible within the mass-market, it enjoys a cult following within the United states of america and
Europe, exactly where customers within the know have commissioned distinctive, one-off pieces for their individual pleasure.

Discover out much more about this well-kept horological secret.


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